Instagram reportedly testing 're-sharing' function in Stories

Instagram has long been the social media platform of choice for professional photographers and talented amateurs alike, as it not only celebrates top quality imagery, it also makes it more difficult to pinch and share other user's content.

But what if you don't have anything interesting to share with the world? According to Techcrunch, Instagram is trialling the option to share other user's public posts to your own story, with the ability to overlay stickers or comments as you see fit.

Of course, privacy settings will be in place if you don't want others pinching your hard work and it will be as simple as heading to the Settings menu and disabling this option.

Previously, users would have to screenshot a post and share it this way, which is likely what encouraged the Instagram technical team to come up with an innovative solution.

Sharing directly to stories is likely to appease those who don't want their work 'Regrammed' on other feeds without any sort of credit or acknowledgement, while a distinct lack of direct 'Regram' button keeps the Instagram USP of promoting original content alive and well.

This new feature precedes the news that Instagram is also trialling a Snapchat-esque function that will notify the owner when a screenshot or screen recording is taken of their work .

It follows an update from rivals Snapchat that has seen 600,000 users sign a petition that demands it returns to its original designs, after Snapchatters claimed the new interface makes things too complicated.

This raft of new updates from Instagram could be seen as the app's way of getting one over on its fierce adversary, which posted impressive quarterly earnings and a big share increase earlier this month.  

Leon Poultney

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