Ikea Eneby Bluetooth speakers have been made to fit nicely on your Kallax shelves

Not content with taking over the world with its flat-pack furniture and ridiculously moreish meatballs, Ikea has announced its first-ever Bluetooth speaker range. 

Called the Ikea Eneby, these Bluetooth speakers have been designed so that they fit nicely in the firm's storage units (particularly the popular Kallax and Eket range), but you can also wall mount them or put them on any other bit of furniture that happens to not be made by the Swedish retailer. 

As with much of Ikea's stuff, the range is smart looking and joins Ikea's ever-increasing foray into technology, which began with its smart connected furniture range and also includes smart light systems

There are two sizes of speaker to choose from; both are square and either measure 20 x 20cm or 30 x 30cm. They come in white, gray or black. 

Sound investmet

If you opt for the smaller version, there is an additional battery pack that can be added which will give the speaker the portability factor. There is also an additional stand that can be used to prop the speaker up. 

As for sound quality, Ikea has opted for mixed mono speakers, with the smaller speaker the Ikea Eneby 20, featuring 1x 3.2-inch woofer and 1x 1-inch tweeter. The bigger speaker, the Ikea Eneby 30, has a more substantial 2x 4-inch woofer and the same tweeter setup. 

If you are listening to the smaller speaker with the additional battery pack you should get around 8 hours' play out of it. 

Price wise, they are certainly affordable but given they are just Bluetooth compatible and without the likes of Spotify Connect etc, the pricing does make sense. 

The Ikea Eneby 20 is just £45, while the Eneby 30 will cost £80. US and Australia pricing is still to be confirmed. 

Marc Chacksfield

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