HTC U12 images give us a clear look at the possible design

The HTC U12 could arrive in early May, yet we still seen many leaked images of it to date, but we now have a good idea of how it might look as a new leak gives us one of our clearest looks yet at the phone.

Topa-3C (a Taiwanese screen protector company) posted the shots, which show a dual-lens camera on the back with a dual-LED flash below it and a fingerprint scanner below that. 

The only other real detail on the shiny black back is HTC's logo, about halfway down. The rear looks to be slightly curved and is probably made of glass, just like the HTC U11.

Details of the front are harder to make out, as without the screen on it's basically just a black rectangle, but one key detail you can clearly see is a dual-lens front-facing camera, which has been rumored before.

Few major changes

There doesn't appear to be a notch or any buttons on the front, and you can see that the top bezel is quite small. It also looks as though the HTC U12 (or HTC U12 Plus as it might be called) as pictured here has an edge-to-edge display.

It's a design that, other than the extra cameras, looks similar to the HTC U11 Plus, so don’t expect any big visual changes for HTC’s upcoming flagship.

Of course, these images could well be inaccurate, but the few image leaks we've seen previously paint a similar picture.

Via Phone Arena

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