HTC is launching a cheaper version of its blockchain phone

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HTC isn't giving up on its blockchain phone strategy: following on from the Exodus 1 that launched late in 2018, the company has revealed a cheaper version of the phone is going on sale later this year.

We don't have many details about the handset yet, but HTC has said the phone will run as a full node – in other words, it will validate and relay Bitcoin transactions, and help keep the blockchain network running.

To do that it's going to have to hold the entire Bitcoin blockchain (200GB and growing) and take a performance hit too. The same full node functionality is coming to the Exodus 1 as well, apparently, but that phone will need an SD card.

HTC's Phil Chen told CoinDesk that the aim was to make a blockchain phone that's "a lot cheaper" and "a lot more accessible", and that having the new phone run as a full node is going to be “a really important piece of the pie”.

Carry on crypto

The first HTC Exodus 1 was originally only available to buy via Bitcoin, but eventually went on sale for $699. The Exodus 1s going to retail for around $250-300 (roughly £190-230 or AU$355-430) HTC says.

We don't know any details about size, styling or specs at this stage, but no doubt HTC will fill in some of the gaps in the coming months, before the Exodus 1s goes on sale.

Back in February, Chen underlined HTC's commitment to these phones in an interview with TechRadar Pro: "We're not riding the wave, we are genuinely authentic in serving and developing for the community in creating the next generation of the internet in a decentralised way."

Chen also admitted that the first Exodus was "definitely a 1.0 version", so it's going to be interesting to see the improvements HTC makes with the Exodus 1s.

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