Honor Magic 4 smartphone range landing at MWC 2022 with a photography focus

A teaser image for the Honor Magic 4, showing a camera lens
(Image credit: Honor)

The Honor Magic 4 range is fast approaching, with the company having confirmed that these phones will be unveiled at MWC 2022, on February 28.

The event will kick off at 3am PT / 6am ET / 11am GMT / 9:30pm ACT, so there’s not long to wait, but ahead of that the company has provided a couple of clues about the phones.

First off, they’re actually referred to as the Honor Magic 4 5G series, so unsurprisingly 5G will be supported. The teaser image which you can see above also shows a camera lens, so photography is likely to be a big focus of the phones.

That’s no surprise either, as it was with the Honor Magic 3 range too. Even the basic model had a triple-lens camera with high megapixel counts, while the Honor Magic 3 Pro Plus had a quad-lens camera with a 50MP main, 64MP ultra-wide, 64MP monochrome, and 64MP telephoto camera (with 3.5x optical zoom).

So these phones didn’t skimp on specs, and that extended to the chipset, RAM, storage, and screen. They’re high-end handsets, and priced accordingly.

So far we don’t know much about what specs the Honor Magic 4 will have, though an earlier teaser suggested at least one model would have a top-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

We also don’t know whether it will be joined by an Honor Magic 4 Pro and an Honor Magic 4 Pro Plus, but since this is described as a ‘series’ we’re expecting at least two phones to be unveiled.

Hopefully leaks and teasers will reveal more soon, but if not it’s less than two weeks until the big unveiling anyway.

James Rogerson

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