James Cameron no longer waiting for movie tech to catch up

James Cameron 'no longer waiting for movie tech to catch up
Cinema tech the best it can be

Director James Cameron has revealed to TechRadar that current movie technology is so good that there's not much more Hollywood can do to revolutionise filmmaking.

Speaking to TechRadar at IBC, where the Cameron | Pace Group announced it would be making Walking With Dinosaurs 3D with the BBC, Cameron revealed that he was no longer waiting for technology to catch up to make his movies.

Cameron famously said that Avatar took so long to make as he was waiting for the special effects to evolve so he could tell his story.

According to Cameron, however, this isn't the case anymore.

We are done!

"We have cracked the frame rate issue and there's not more to be done," said Cameron. "I am going to have to spending my entire day on just creative issues.

"We have got colour, we have got widescreen, we've got sound, we've stereophonic sound and stereoscopic projection – we are done!"

This isn't to say that innovations within filmmaking won't happen, according to Cameron, but it will be more like refinement.

"For me now, it is getting good practises for 3D into the home, into the workplace, into our 3D image consumption."

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