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Pure Twilight: dawn-simulating DAB radio launches

Pure Twilight - look at the pretty colours
Pure Twilight - look at the pretty colours

Radio maker Pure has announced that it has come up with a world's first with its Pure Twilight device – a radio that comes equipped with a dawn simulator lamp.

Now, we know what you're thinking: why would you want to simulate dawn?

But the reason is for a little bit of light therapy. Simulating dawn is meant to enhance your night's sleep and the radio allows users to "wake up naturally from light on a timer that increases gradually to mimic the rising sun".

We must admit that it sounds better than having your partner turn on the lights and scream at you because your iPhone made you oversleep.

Light fantastic

Pure Twilight isn't just for adults, either – it has a number of features fit for kids. These include built-in lullabies ('Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and 'Rock-a-bye Baby' are name-checked) and thanks to the LED lights inside there's also some mood lighting.

Ever wanted to pretend you are in wheat field? Of course you have and now you can thanks to the colours gold and green.

Want to pretend you are drowning in an ocean of despair – well, the colour blue will help you with this.

Apart from fancy lighting, Pure Twilight also comes with a digital and FM radio, auxiliary input and an LCD screen.

The Pure Twilight costs £129.99 and is available now.