Philips makes big show of colourful Aurea TV

Philips kicked off its IFA 2007 keynote yesterday with dancing girls and a light show. The aim? To highlight the 'seduction by light' effect of its new Aurea LCD TV. Think of the Aurea as Ambilight+, a TV that boasts LED lights mounted into the frame that surrounds its 42-inch HD screen.

Philips CEO Rudy Provoost also showed specially-commissioned short movie from acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai. The film - which uses vivid orange and red hues to dazzling effect - was effectively a 10-minute long advert for the new Aurea telly.

Aurea: love it or hate it

The Aurea TV itself is a love it or hate it thing. Some will undoubtedly love the way the LED surround changes colour to suit the mood of the on-screen action. Others will see it as distracting, unnecessary and rather naff.

Provoost said that the Aurea - and many other new Philips products - are seeking to engage our emotions by maximising the experience of our senses. He also said that Philips now regarded itself as a lifestyle company, something of a recurrent theme at this year's IFA.

A lot of this lifestyle posturing is hogwash, of course. But it could yet prove to be effective. All the big electronics companies want to become an integral part of our lives. And this is because they know that in a few years time it could be Chinese companies that are dominating the electronics landscape.

The Philips lifestyle theme then concluded with a bevy of catwalk models parading Philips new Swarovski crystal-covered USB jewellery.

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