George Miller doesn't mind if you watch Mad Max: Fury Road on your phone

George Miller doesn t mind if you watch Mad Max Fury Road on your phone

Mad Max: Fury Road is out on Blu-ray today, which means you finally get to see the action highlight of the summer in your home on the small(er) screen.

Not that size matters to director George Miller, who told techradar that he doesn't really have an issue with people watching movies on a small screen, even if that screen is your phone.

"It's not about where you watch the movie, it's whether it's a good movie," he said. "The optimum version of the movie would be IMAX with Atmos sound in stereo 3D, but if a story works I find I can watch it on my iPhone and still get something out of it."

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Miller went on to explain that you would be missing out if you tried to watch Fury Road on an iPhone but he believes the story will still hold up.

"I would prefer if people didn't watch the movie on a phone but if they want to watch it that way, the essence of the story comes through. But the immersive experience is not there, neither is all the technical effort, it's kind of a waste but the essential story is there.

"It's like listening to a great piece of music, you don't need great speakers - ideally it would be good to have them to get the full experience but, hey."

Watch our interview with the director below to see what else Miller had to say about making the latest Mad Max.