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Tangent launches NET-200 internet radio

Tangent's new NET-200 internet radio
Tangent's new NET-200 internet radio

While there is already a slew of portable internet radio devices on the market, the higher quality, audiophile end of the market has not really had a lot of web radio loving.

Until now that is, with access to 13,000 internet radio stations being given via Tangent's rather cool-looking NET-200.

Tangent's NET-200 uses Reciva technology, as well as offering the standard DAB reception and compatibility with DAB+ should you not be tempted to venture into the murky world of the thousands of weird and wonderful internet radio stations out there.

The unit is Wi-Fi compatible, so you can stream your iTunes music files, or just plug in your lappy or portable hard drive via the USB connection.

Finally, the high-end digital-analogue converter will ensure that your AACs and MP3s sound pretty much the best quality then can.

Price and release date to be confirmed shortly via Tangent