AMD readies Quad FX and new Athlon FX range

AMD has announced its 4x4 dual processor technology enabling enthusiasts to install two processors, each with two cores.

Aimed at the high end of the market, the technology is officially called Quad FX, though it's been known as 4x4 for some time and the name will stick.

The technology behind the release is called Dual Socket Direct Connect (DSDC) architecture.

Sharing the dream is the $599 (about £305) Athlon 64 FX-70 chip. Or rather, two of them. These additions to AMD's top end eschew AMD's latest consumer processor socket, AM2, instead using Socket F.

Also available are FX-72 and FX-74 for $799 and $999 (around £405 and £510) respectively.

Last generation

Socket F is the same as that used in the latest generation of Opteron server processors.

The most interesting aspect of the release is just how dependent AMD is on Nvidia to deliver the nForce 680a chipset that powers Quad FX.

And moreover, it's even more interesting - nay, amusing - that Nvidia uses AMD's press release to pimp its graphics products.

"Our GeForce 8 series of graphics processing units and the chipset deliver an ideal solution for megatasking enthusiasts," warbles Nvidia's Drew Henry. "Enthusiasts look to AMD and Nvidia to provide the best products for multi-threaded games and applications."

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