Google's Project Jacquard jacket will stop you leaving the house without your phone

Project Jacquard

Google has announced an update for its Project Jacquard smart jacket that will sound an alarm if you're in danger of leaving your phone (or jacket) behind.

Google added a 'find your phone' feature last year, which works a little like a key tracker, letting you use a gesture on the jacket to start your phone ringing at full volume.

The new feature, Always Together, is an extension of this, triggering an alarm automatically whenever your garment and your handset are too far apart. If that happens. a notification will appear on your phone, and the jacket's tag lights up and vibrates.

Not only does this alert you if you're about to head out without your phone, it'll also let you know if you've accidentally left your $350 (about £275, AU$485) jacket hanging off the back of a restaurant chair.

Arm signals

Project Jacquard, a collaboration between Google and Levi's, is designed with urban cyclists in mind. Rather than fumbling with their phone or trying to use voice commands on a noisy street, riders can change music and get directions by tapping and swiping on their sleeve.

The jacket first appeared at Google I/O 2016. A beta version of the garment was released a few months later, and it went on general sale in 2017 online and in selected Levi's stores.

Cat Ellis

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