Google Nocturne 2-in-1 Chromebook seen in new leak

Chromebook 'Nocturne'

It’s widely expected at this point that Google will have not one, but two new Chrome OS devices for its October 9 Pixel 3 phone event. Now, yet another glimpse at one of these purported products, a 2-in-1 Chromebook reportedly called ‘Nocturne’, has appeared ahead of the event.

An outlet known as AboutChromebooks discovered leaked product images of what it suspects to be ‘Nocturne’ via Brydge, a maker of keyboard covers for tablets. The images depict a 2-in-1 tablet with a blue shell, large speakers on either side of its display and a USB-C port on its bottom-left side.

Image Credit: AboutChromebooks

Image Credit: AboutChromebooks

A second image shows a depression in the top left of the tablet, which is suspected to double as fingerprint sensor. This lines up with a previous leak of updated Chrome OS user interface imagery instructing users on how to use a device’s fingerprint sensor.

The AboutChromebooks outlet is making a bit of a leap in pegging this leak as the Nocturne device, but it is indeed a Chrome OS tablet without overt branding (a possible tell of a Google product) and the dots seem to connect rather strongly. We could also easily see Google partnering up with accessory makers to bolster its would-be Chromebook tablet.

Don't forget, there’s supposedly a whole other Chrome OS device scheduled to debut at this October 9 event, and we’ve heard basically nothing about. Keep checking TechRadar for more about Nocturne as soon as we hear of it.

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