Google Home now makes sure you never miss a flight

Google Home is still learning handy new tricks, as its latest update now allows travelers to book plane tickets and also keep tabs on their upcoming flights.

To get started with Home's latest feature, you'll need a Gmail account and have the "personal results" setting turned on so the digital assistant can reference your calendar and other deets. (Thankfully, the smart speaker could be getting multiple user support very soon.)

From there, making travel plans with Google Home is done the same way as just about any other task involving the Google Assistant-powered device: voice commands!

Google Home for the holidays

For example, "Cheap flights to Hawaii" tells your Google Home to find tickets to the tropics, while also allowing users to add specifics such as destination, airline, departure date, and even if they prefer a non-stop flight.

Once tickets are booked, Google Home can also keep tabs on your trip with commands like, “Is my flight on time?” or "When are my upcoming flights?", giving travelers a chance to catch delays or swapped gates before heading out the door.

Though an undeniably useful skill for Google Home, tracking flights is old hat for the competing Amazon Echo. Amazon's Alexa-powered smart speaker has had travel update support for sites like Expedia and Kayak for a while now, though we're just glad whenever anything helps keep track of our travel itinerary besides, you know, ourselves.

Parker Wilhelm
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