Google Chrome will finally support Windows Mixed Reality

It looks like Google Chrome will soon natively support Windows Mixed Reality headsets, allowing people who use Chromium-based browsers (the engine Chrome runs on) to view virtual reality content via the headsets.

While Chrome already supports WebVR, which is the standard used to display virtual reality content on a website, until now it hasn’t officially supported Windows Mixed Reality headsets – such as the Dell Visor, Samsung Odyssey and Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD.

However, according to several Chromium commit posts, which list changes to the code used by Chrome, Windows Mixed Reality devices will now be natively supported. This should lead to better compatibility (and better VR experiences) for users of those headsets.

A closer partnership

Because Chrome is the most popular web browser on the planet – Netmarket share currently suggests it’s used by 64.5% of people on the internet – and Windows Mixed Reality devices are rather niche products, Chome’s embrace of Windows Mixed Reality is a bigger win for Windows Mixed Reality, rather than the other way around.

It’s also interesting in the context of the recent news that Microsoft will be using Chromium to power its Edge web browser, effectively making it a spin-off of Chrome. We’re likely to see more support for Microsoft technology in Chromium because of this.

After all, it would be rather embarrassing if Microsoft’s latest version of Edge did not support Windows Mixed Reality.

Via Windows Latest

Matt Hanson
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