Microsoft reveals just how cosy you can get with Kinect 2.0

The Xbox One will allow you to get cosier with Kinect
Kinect, cut down to size

A leaked Microsoft manual has revealed that you no longer need a capacious living room for Kinect to work properly as it has cut the distance the motion controller requires to do its job.

Kinect has always suffered in small spaces but with the launch of the Xbox One, we will see the distance needed shortened to a mere 4 feet 6 inches.

To put this into context, that is the official width of a double mattress or the height of famed music hall comedian Little Tich.

Nope, we have no idea where we are going with this either but we are sure targeted ad companies are going to have a field day with our search history.

Size matters

Given that Microsoft has previously recommended a 6 to 8 foot gap for Kinect to show its true worth this is quite a sizeable change for the technology.

The manual that has the new stats was spotted by NeoGaf, so there is no official confirmation from Microsoft on the measurement change - but it has revealed that Kinect will be changing for the Xbox One so we wouldn't be surprised if this is one of those changes.

We will find out for certain on November 22 when the Xbox One is finally released into the wild.

Via NeoGaf and Engadget

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