Xbox 720 to be a 16-core powerhouse?

Xbox 720 to be a 16-core powerhouse?
All about the power

In what could well be the 720th rumour about the Xbox 720, it is thought the upcoming next-gen games console is set to utilise a 16-core CPU.

This is according to Xbox World, which has it on good authority that the Durango dev kits sent out last month – Durango being the Xbox 720's potential codename – are nowhere near as powerful as the finished product.

The final console is said to contain a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU with a graphics processor on par with AMD's Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards.

It has been previously reported that AMD's kit will be inside both the Xbox 720 and the PS4.

Power hungry

Now, if this is indeed the case – there is some serious power packed into the next-gen Xbox. Possibly too much power just to play games.

Xbox World reckons that the extra power boost could be to do with Kinect 2 – which apparently will suck the life out of four of the cores, due to the pinpoint accuracy that the new motion controller will bring.

Interestingly, although it has been strenuously denied that a next-gen console will be announced by either Sony or Microsoft at this year's E3, XBW believes that many developers are working towards E3, which takes place in June, as a deadline for game demos.

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