Xbox 720 'as powerful' as two PCs - to ship in 2013

Xbox 720 'as powerful' as two PCs - to ship in 2013
New Xbox has lots and lots of power

New information has come to light with regards to the Xbox 720, which hints that the console will be a power beast when it is released.

According to VG247, which has quoted sources close to the matter, the Xbox 720 is indeed a reality and it will be with us by Christmas 2013.

These multiple sources have gotten together and confirmed to the gaming site that the new console like two PCs taped together, with its graphics cards said to be the equivalent of AMD's 7000 series GPUs.

If this is the case, then AMD have managed to pull of a gaming double whammy as the PlayStation Orbis / PS4 is also said to have AMD architecture inside.

You've been Durango'd

The next-generation Xbox will also have Kinect built-in, according to reports, and it will also be forever connected to the web – which is thought to be an anti-piracy measure.

As for a nickname – it has to have one, given the PS4 is now Orbis – there is a Durango summit in London for devs in February 2012 and it is thought that this is the nickname for the new Xbox.

As with other reports, we are not expected to hear anything about the Xbox 720 this year – so don't go thinking that Microsoft will show off things at the upcoming E3 gaming expo.

It also smacks down the rumour that there's a Lite version of the Xbox 720 coming out in 2013 with a more powerful one to follow. Unless these specs are for the Lite version - if that turns out to be the case, colour us impressed.

It is also expected for the Xbox 720 to have a Blu-ray drive which will come to relief to those who had to deal with multiple DVDs for content-heavy games.

Via VG247 and CVG

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