Wii video download service launching in May

Telly on the DSi - video download service launching in Japan in May

Wii's video download service launches in Japan next month on 1 May, with no word as yet from Nintendo UK on plans for a launch in Britain.

Nintendo's video download service, Wii no Ma will also allow users to transfer videos to the DSi for watching movies on the go.

The initiative is a partnership between Nintendo and Japanese media company Dentsu, who are responsible for the provision of original video content.

Telly on the DSi

Check out the service's official page (if you are fluent in Japanese!), for more info on the new video download service from Nintendo which shows a family living room, with a virtual TV.

TechRadar has contacted Nintendo UK for further information on if and when we might see such as service launching on these shores.

Via Andriasang