South Park creator calls Stick of Truth censorship 'lame, ridiculous and stupid'

South Park creator calls Stick of Truth censorship 'lame, ridiculous and stupid'
"You lose again, Europe"

South Park creator Matt Stone has hit out at Ubisoft's decision to censor the European and Australian version of The Stick of Truth game, which went on sale on Friday.

Despite carrying an 18+ rating, the publisher decided to cut seven scenes from the long-awaited game, centred around abortions and anal probing, which have been replaced by cards explaining the action.

While European version gets a cartoon version of the famous Parisian facepalming statue along with the cards, Aussies get a crying koala.

Stone told The Metro: "We weren't going to change the content, so we've written little cards to explain what is going on, what they've censored, and made a joke out of it.

"We're talking about 30 or 40 seconds out of the whole experience but we wanted people to know exactly where the line was: this is what you couldn't see but for some reason the rest of the world could and we have no idea why. It's not cool – it's lame, ridiculous and stupid."


The censorship, which Ubisoft recently explained as a 'market decision' only affects the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, with the PC game mysteriously remaining unchanged.

The Stick of Truth is three years in the making and was finally released this weekend following a host of delays and problems. The wait has been much longer for fans of the show waiting for a worthy video game.

"We really didn't want to make a game that sucks," Stone added. "There were some South Park games, like, 15 years ago but they were just cheap licensed products and we hated them, frankly.

"The limitations of the consoles didn't work for us and that's why we didn't do one for a long time. The Stick Of Truth started when we figured out: "Oh, you can actually replicate the look of South Park on an Xbox, and wow you can walk around like you do on the show."

"It's a great way to be introduced to the world of South Park: become a character and let that character grow, like a Grand Theft Auto situation."

Have you given The Stick of Truth a spin yet? Let us know whether you think it lives up to the hype in the comments section below.

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