Sony: computer clubs would boost UK videogames sector

Maths and physics created this, so get swatting
Maths and physics created this, so get swatting

Ray Maguire, head of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, has been speaking to the Guardian ahead of the Bafta videogame awards about how the videogame sector in the UK can be improved, and he believes school computer clubs are key to this.

Maguire is a Bafta videogame committee member so it is no surprise that he wants to see more game innovation in the UK.

Tax breaks for the US and Canada has meant that many videogame producers have moved abroad, but this doesn't mean that UK-specific talent can be nurtured at an early age.

"The area we also need to look at is much deeper, hard coding," said Maguire.

"We have 5,000 secondary schools in the UK, if we put computer clubs into all of those, and we had just one child from each school going to university to study games development, then say we only had one out of every ten of those joining the industry, we'd have 500 people joining the workforce every single year. That would be a great achievement.

"Maths, physics and coding are fundamental – games can't exist without them."

Creative DNA

One of the ways to promote this would be Bafta, according to Maguire. As it is a charity, he feels that it could be where videogames education for children should start. "It's important to reach people through the events Bafta puts on throughout the year, and we're looking to put on more.

"Bafta is a massive brand, it's got creativity written through its DNA, it also has access to wonderful people who can bring this stuff to life for kids.

"There's a great way we can all interact here - it needs some thinking about, it needs some sorting out, but it will develop over time."

The British Academy Videogames Awards Live takes place 16 March.

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