Red Xbox 360 Elite launching in March

Red Xbox launches to celebrate Capcom's Resident Evil 5 launch next month

Microsoft has confirmed that a deep red Xbox 360 is in production and set to be released in March to celebrate the launch of Capcom's mighty Resident Evil 5.

The red Xbox 360 has the same spec as the current Xbox Elite model and is set to be bundled with a Resi Evil theme, a copy of the game and a bonus copy of Capcom's Street Fighter HD.

Very limited stocks

The 'extremely limited edition' console will cost $399 and is part of a cross-promotion between Capcom and Microsoft ahead of the release of Resident Evil 5.

Edge reminds us that, "this may now be part of a wider tradition for Capcom and its Resident Evil franchise; the game's acclaimed predecessor was released alongside a GameCube and PS2 chainsaw controller."

So now you can get an Xbox 360 in any colour you like, provided it is black, white, Halo green or Resi red! Providing you manage to find a red one that is...