PS Vita won't be dancing for Jabba

PS Vita won't be dancing for Jabba
PS Vita - the second biggest launch of the week?

Just when you thought the PS Vita was going to be the most important launch in the gaming week, we decided we'd come and steal all of the thunder by offering up our brand-new look back at the last seven days in gaming.

True, we can't boast dual-joysticks or an OLED screen, but on the bright side we're not going to try to convince you that a rear touchscreen is a good idea.

PS Vita - After a couple of firmware updates, we decided to completely overhaul our PS Vita review ahead of the UK and US launch this week; unsurprisingly we decided that this is definitely very, very good for gaming, which is presumably the main tick box checked.

We also found time to get the PS Vita video review up, in which we cheerfully tell you that nobody else can reach the middle of the screen when holding it properly either.

The Amazing Spider-Man - You have to feel sorry for Spider-Man; normally he'd be top billing, flinging his webs down on us like a monkey lobbing its, erm, barrels. But obviously with Vita and, of course, '7 days in gaming' launching the latest Activision trailer barely merits a view. Oh go on then…

Kinect Star Wars - Dancing round in our bedrooms pretending we're superheros is one thing, but we're not entirely convinced we'll be rushing to show off our prowess in the Kinect Star Wars' dancing mini game. Wiggle your hips for Jabba? Next you'll be telling us that the force actually comes from micro-organisms… [CVG]

Valve - Gabe Newell from Valve has always been a man to tell it like it is, so when he even hints at the potential of the gaming giant making its own kit should the rest of the gaming world fail to innovate you know he means it. [Penny-Arcade]

Mass Effect 3 - If you happen to love sunflowers and apocalyptic violence you should definitely check out the stunning CGI trailer for Mass Effect 3

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