Premier League clubs to use Football Manager game data to scout for players

Football Manager opens up player database to real football managers
For the players

A new deal between Football Manager creator Sports Interactive and Prozone Sports will see the sim's extensive database opened up to support the real-life player recruitment process.

This isn't the first time that Sports Interactive has inked such a deal - it teamed up with Everton back in 2008 - but it is the biggest of its kind, and will mean its vast archive of player information will be able to be used by myriad clubs, including those in the Premier League.

Football Manager uses 1,300 scouts from around the world to gather the information needed to make the game realistic, so it's no surprise that Prozone wants to team up with the football management sim.
The new link-up will also come with the added bonus that the database's data comparison and search engine will look just like Football Manager's.

There's no word if using the enhanced Prozone Sports database will come with the common Football Manager side effect of becoming so addicted to the game that you refer to your family as backroom staff and feign illness to stay off work so that you can finish the 2023 season.

Or maybe that's just us...

Marc Chacksfield

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