PlayStation Now update makes getting in the game even faster

PlayStation Now

When PlayStation Now launched on PS4 back in January, we had our reservations.

The service charged an exorbitant amount of money for short rental periods, lacked any sort of subscription option and, perhaps most egregious of all, made finding the service's best content a task not even Solid Snake himself could undertake.

Today Sony announced that the last of these issues will finally be fixed. PlayStation will launch an updated version of the subscription app today to all owners.

"We've completely redesigned the PS Now subscription app on PS4 to create a richer, more visual experience that makes it even easier for you to browse the catalog of 125+ games available," a representative from Sony said in an email to TechRadar. "In the new app, you'll see curated categories of games organized by theme, as well as more detailed game pages with descriptions, images and videos."

PlayStation Now

Here's what a new game page looks like on PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now's library has grown exponentially since our hands on time with it earlier this year, and additions like a Netflix-style subscription option and reduced pricing have only sweetened the pot in the past six months. An updated, graphics-heavy interface chock-full of searchable information can only add to the momentum of the streaming service's comeback.

The new-and-improved PlayStation Now app is rolling out to PS4 in North America starting today.

Nick Pino

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