Pac-Man And Dig Dug on Facebook

Pac-Man meets Facebook meets ultimate time-wasting pleasure
Pac-Man meets Facebook meets ultimate time-wasting pleasure

If you are looking for a whole new way of wasting your bosses time and money, then look no further than Namco Networks and J2Play's latest Facebook games, the classics that are Pac-Man and Dig Dug, playable as stand-alone games or as competitive games as part of your wider Facebook network.

It is taking the Hall of Fame concept to its logical conclusion – providing you with the games that lit up your childhood and tempting you to compete to see who can get the highest scores all over again, the difference being, this time around it doesn't cost you ten pence a go and you are now legally allowed to be in the pub.

Not that it matters if you are in the pub or not, as long as you are hooked up to the internet and have some precious time to kill!

Masterful timewasting

It really could not be easier. To (badly) paraphrase the Masterchef boys – who we weirdly already miss – WASTING TIME BEATING YOUR MATES ON CLASSIC ARCADE GAMES DOESN'T GET TOUGHER THAN THIS!!

Simply click on the game you want to play, download it, pop in your Facebook login information and, hey ho, instant access to the worldwide Facebook leaderboards, friends chat and game-related messages.

Note though, that the free versions only let you play the first two levels of both games, with the full versions (256 levels on each!) costing you $9.99.

For more head over to Namco All-Stars Pac-Man and Namco All-Stars Dig Dug

Adam Hartley