Nintendo UK online store opens its doors with enticing 3DS offers

Nintendo s UK online store opens

Nintendo has opened the doors of its sparkly new UK online store today, which is a sort of Mario-themed Amazon selling Wii U, Wii and and 3DS consoles as well as a tonne of games.

In fact, the store plans to sell every new Nintendo game, including a load of exclusive goodies that you won't be finding on the high street.

Even better, if you spend over £200 in one shop and before 8pm, you'll get free next day delivery. So anyone buying a Wii U will be able to get playing in just a matter of hours. Otherwise standard delivery will take two to three days to arrive.

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To kick things off, Nintendo is letting you pre-order the limited edition Pokemon X and Pokemon Y 3DS XL consoles with £20 off.

All of Nintendo's Consoles bought on the online store will also get a 12 month extended warranty. Plus Nintendo's keen to emphasis that its support staff are for more than just dealing with complaints - they're there "to help with your shopping experience".

Right now this is only happening in the UK, with no word yet of whether anyone else will be getting their own Amazon-style Nintendo store. We'll let you know if that changes.

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