Nintendo 3DS peripherals set to kickstart sales?

Nintendo 3DS peripherals set to kickstart sales?
Will a joystick bring joy to Nintendo?

Nintendo is looking into ways to improve the lacklustre sales of the Nintendo 3DS and believes a joystick peripheral may well be the key.

This is according to the Dow Jones Newswires, which are reporting that shares in the company went up 8.4 per cent with news that the 3D handheld is to get its own trade show in Tokyo next month, where new products and games will be announced for the handheld.

One of these new products is set to be a joystick add-on, which would bring dual joysticks to the 3DS and in turn a more hardcore gaming experience.

Dual joysticks work on Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers and Nintendo is no doubt hoping that adding a joystick will entice more games companies into developing games for its handheld console.

And given that the PSP Vita will come brandishing two joysticks, it is obviously something Nintendo is looking closely at.

Regaining momentum

Although Nintendo has decided not to comment on the rumours, French gaming site 01net has had it on good authority that a peripheral is being made and will be announced very soon.

Nintendo has not hidden from the fact that the handheld hasn't been a success for the company.

Recently an exec said that a lack of strong first-party titles meant that "momentum wasn't sustained" for the Nintendo 3DS. So, it is clear that something needs to be done.

The release of a new peripheral, however, that gives the handheld more of a gaming punch would definitely be an interesting move.

But potentially releasing something like this so soon after launch will raise questions around why Nintendo didn't incorporate dual joysticks into the original design of the 3DS.

Still, with the PS Vita just around the corner, we wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo is planning something to reinvigorate interest and boost games for the Nintendo 3DS.


The Nintendo 3DS trade show is set to take place on 13 September.

Via Reuters

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