New Oculus Rift VR headsets will arrive starting July 14

Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2
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Oculus VR is preparing to ship the first batch of its Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 headsets.

In an update posted to the company's forums, Oculus VR announced it expects to ship out 10,000 units from its factory in July. Half of these headsets will first pass through distribution centers and make their way to those who preordered before the end of the month.

Developers expecting units, meanwhile, should have them by the week of July 14th.

Plans to set new records

These are the first new set of VR headsets to be shipped out since March, when the Facebook-owned company cutoff outgoing orders on its first edition Oculus Rifts.

With a total of 45,000 preorders of the Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2, the virtual reality company has almost matched the 60,000 original run of Oculus VR headsets the company had sold since December 2012.

What's in the box

Like the Crystal Cove headset Oculus VR prototype shown at CES 2014, the DK2 edition Rift headset features the same motion blur fixes and added motion-tracking functionality.

The display itself utilizes a "low persistence OLED" display that refreshes at 1000Hz. Each eye looking through the headset will see a 960 x 1080 resolution picture and together the two screens produce a 100-degree field-of-view.

Although it will be a while before the VR company ships out the first 45,000 preorders already made, users interested in picking up a headset of their own can do so on Oculus VR's website for $350 (about £210, AU$383).

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