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Microsoft Kinect sex game announced

Kinect gets sexed up
Kinect gets sexed up

Microsoft Kinect is to get its very own X-rated sex game, courtesy of adult videogame company ThriXXX.

The unnamed game (it's currently at demo stage) is offering up controller-free stimulation, where you can wave your hands to caress pixelated ladies on the screen – and probably cry afterwards as you try and figure out how your life got to such a low point that you have to get your kicks out of virtual porn.


The game, unsurprisingly, is not an official port for Kinect. To play it you have to use open source software to connect your Kinect to a PC running Windows 7.

Once done, though, you are free to use the motion detector to prod an onscreen, nearly naked avatar.

Kyle Machulis, who is an expert on all things sex, said about the game: "Kinect is obviously a natural technology for this kind of usage, since the 'hands-free' approach means that the user's hands are available for other actions, be it manipulating the game, or themselves – or, in this case, possibly both at the same time.

"I'm impressed with the quick development turnaround for getting new controls into their engine like this, especially using resources from the open-source community."

Open source? Open sauce more like.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then click on the very NSFW video below:

Via Cnet