Hands on: Sony PlayStation Portable Go

PSP Go - we've touched it! It exists! It rules!
PSP Go - we've touched it! It exists! It rules!

The PSP Go is very nearly here and T3 has had its mitts on one of the first pre-production samples in the UK this week.

The verdict? It rocks!

First impressions are – obviously – that the PSP Go is lovely and small. Sony has finally got it right, delivering a sexy looking, high-powered gaming console that also fits in your pocket.

PSP go 1

Sony's new handheld console is set to release in the UK later this year. TechRadar expects to hear more details on the pricing and exact release date at Games Con in Germany later next month.

PSP go 2

Sexy, exciting, tiny

In the meantime, T3 is already claiming that Sony's new tiddler is "by far the sexiest and most exciting" of the many incarnations of the PSP to date.

PSP go 3

"We've been waiting to get our hands-on this UMD-less handheld since it was launched to great acclaim at E3, in June, and we're the first in the UK to snaffle a sample from Sony's iron-like grip," writes T3.

PSP go 4

While the pics here give you a taster of what's in store later this year, you really do need to hold the PSP Go in your hand to realise just how much of an improvement it is on its bigger, older sibling.

PSP go 5

It is, T3 notes, "50% smaller and 40% lighter" and "loaded with a 16GB flash memory for all your music, games and videos, replacing the unpopular UMD format, so all new content will be downloaded over the WiFi connection. There's also a 3.8-inch screen and Bluetooth built-in.

Pocket friendly

It's pocket friendly and, T3 continues in its first look, "seems like more of a competitor to the iPod touch than the Nintendo DSi.

PSP go 6

"It's got the music and video offering, with Wi-Fi for browsing and Skype, and also a vastly superior games offering that can be downloaded direct to the device from an online store."

PSP go 7

Whether or not it can play catch up with the Nintendo DS remains to be seen. For now check out T3's exclusive video hands on with Sony's latest wonder toy.

Adam Hartley