First pictures of Sony PlayStation Phone emerge

Prototype PlayStation Phone spotted in the wild
Prototype PlayStation Phone spotted in the wild

UPDATE: Some gaming sites are reporting that the images of the PlayStation Phone posted on Engadget - and reported about below - are 'definitely fake' - we contacted SCEE for further comment.

Sony has responded to inform us: "We don't comment on rumour & speculation".


Possible first pictures of the much-rumoured Sony PlayStation Phone prototype have been leaked onto the internet.

Sony is rumoured to be planning to launch the PlayStation Phone in 2011, with an apparent PlayStation Phone prototype having been obtained by Engadget this week, which is the device you can see pictured here.

New mobile games marketplace

The gadget blog claims the prototype is absolutely genuine, and notes that the Sony PlayStation Phone is likely to include Android 3.0 alongside a Sony Marketplace to allow gamers to download games, much in the same way that you already can using a Sony PSPgo.

Specs wise, the Sony PlayStation Phone – or, at least, the prototype version that Engadget has got hold of – includes a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip, 512 MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a 4 inch screen.

That space you see between the two face buttons is a touchpad, which allegedly supports multitouch. The PlayStation Phone also keeps the two shoulder buttons, much like the PSP.

Finally, there is no Memory Stick slot on the prototype PlayStation Phone, but there is a slot for microSD cards.

TechRadar has contacted Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) for further comment.

Via Engadget.

Adam Hartley