E3 rumour: full-body motion sensing for XB360

Will Microsoft's rumoured new motion-control tech spell the end of our beloved control-pad?

According to reports and leaked pics, Microsoft is rumoured to be ready to unveil a new motion-sensing device that can map the gamer's entire body and requires no extra controllers.

The reports, which emanated from tipster's pic of a white sensor bar under a TV over on Engadget, have understandably sent the pre-E3 rumour mill into overdrive.

The sensor bar is said to feature a microphone and camera and be able to map a user's arms, legs and overall body movement, right down to movements of the fingers – ideal for keep-fit and fighting games, in particular.

In addition to this, Engadget lists the other capabilities mentioned from its tipster, which include:

  • Video conferencing and games with video.
  • Trivia game over the internet with live images of each person playing. When a question pops up, they can clap to buzz in.
  • You can "move objects on your screen" and the other party can see what you're doing in real time.
  • Sensor detects only the person playing, not folks observing on the couch.

All intriguing stuff, for sure, but right now we have to file this one under 'E3 rumours to keep an eye on' when we head out to LA early next month.

Microsoft boss Don Mattrick noted recently that: "Microsoft is gearing up for a big presence at E3 which will completely transform how people think about home entertainment."

But then again, of course, they say that every year!

Via Engadget