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PS3 - Linux problems
PS3 - Linux problems

It's Friday already – and that means the second weekly update from the team over at Computer and Video Games on the biggest hitting stories from the world of gaming in the past seven days.

First up, for first person shooter fans (boom, headshot), CVG first revealed earlier this year that the Call Of Duty Black Ops UK release date was set for November. And Activision has now confirmed a November 9 worldwide release for the game. We'd be a little surprised if there was a level where you blow up civilians in an airport – but let's not rule it out.

One of the really big stories was in Activision's deal with Halo creators Bungie. The gaming giants signed a ten-year multi-platform exclusive deal, and a decade in gaming is the equivalent of about eight life-times.

And a hat-trick for Activision stories arrives with the news that staff from Infinity Ward – the people behind Modern Warfare – have grouped together to sue the publisher.

PS3 Linux and Sims

More legal action, and we covered it here on TechRadar, but CVG also wrote up the news that Sony is facing a class-action lawsuit over its decision to drop Linux from the PS3. Taking away features retrospectively certainly is never going to be popular.

On a happier note – should you be obsessive about creating virtual chairs or dictating exactly when a computer character takes a whizz – Sims 3 will be coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. We can't wait to see the gestures needed for 'get impregnated by an alien' on the latter console.

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