Xbox 360 sales doubled since March price drop

Microsoft says the Xbox 360 is the number one next-gen console in EMEA

Sales of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console have more than doubled since last month’s price cut.

The Xbox 360 Arcade, Pro and Elite consoles are now highly competitively priced at £159.99, £199.99 and £259.99 respectively, with the lowest priced SKU costing less than Nintendo’s family-friendly Wii.

What with some huge games on the horizon, such as Rockstar’s magnum opus GTA IV, the much-awaited Lego Indiana Jones, EA’s controversially priced Rock Band and hardcore-favourite Ninja Gaiden 2, Microsoft is bullishly confident that the spring sales spurt can only continue.

True next gen

"Xbox 360 is truly the next-generation console of choice among consumers, and today’s numbers are proof that we are delivering on our commitment to achieve critical mass in Europe," said Microsoft Europe VP Chris Lewis.

"The highly competitive ERP, coupled with entertainment content that’s appealing to everyone in the home, makes Xbox 360 the ultimate high-definition entertainment choice, and it’s clear that we’re already seeing this resonate with consumers."

Owns 42% of market

Microsoft informs us that the Xbox 360 is the number one next-gen console in EMEA, "owning 42 per cent of the market in terms of life-to-date revenue".

Additionally, the company claims that Xbox 360 "continues to enjoy the highest software attach rate of any game console in Europe with more than 7.0 games sold per console (PS3: 3.8; Wii 3.5) after 27 months on the market."

It doesn’t say anything about red rings in the press release, however.

Adam Hartley