Sony PS4 to be playable at EB Games Expo

PS4 playable at EB Games Expo
EB Games Expo brings all the next-gen consoles to the yard...

While the Xbox One made a cameo appearance at PAX Australia, it looks like EB Games Expo attendees will get all the attention from both Sony and Microsoft.

Microsoft has already announced that there will be around 100 Xbox Ones for hands-on time at the event to be held in Sydney in October, but now EB Games Expo has also come out to say that it will host Australia's first PS4 public hands on.

"It's fantastic that Australians get the chance to get hands on with the PS4 at EB Expo before its official release. This is usually a privilege reserved for industry insiders, now everyone is an insider," said Debra McGrath, Manager of Brand Engagement and Events for EB Games.

The number of consoles that will be available hasn't been announced yet.

Finally some love

The news brings excitement as Australia is a region that usually gets snubbed by the big players.

At PAX Australia, Sony and the PlayStation 4 had absolutely no presence at all, while Microsoft's lone Xbox One was placed in a glass box for viewing, but no touching.

McGrath noted the significance of having the opportunity for hands on gameplay before the console's release.

"This is a big deal… We know that this is something that the community have been waiting for and as gamers ourselves we are equally excited," she said.

"The prospect of hands on game play before the official release is something gamers only dream of."

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