Sony: PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived


In our view the DualShock 4 pad is a big step forward

It seems logical that while the PlayStation 4 will launch for £349/$399 without the camera, that doesn't preclude Sony and retailers putting together bundles that includes other items such as the Camera or PS Vita for a higher price. Gara didn't confirm any specific bundles but did indicate they are on the way.

"We're talking to retail about bundles but of course we don't need to formally create bundles so they're in the one box necessarily, the way UK retail is it's quite flexible really so we can create soft bundles as we call them. But it's great to see that the retailers are hungry for these kind of conversations, they're seeing the potential. They want to talk to us and the PS4 and Vita devices put together is not a huge amount more than the PlayStation 3 was when we launched that."

Word from retailers thus far has been that the PS4 is well ahead on pre-orders, and Gara confirmed he was hearing the same information.

"Based on feedback yes [we are ahead on pre-orders]. But what we say as a team is that we've had a good few weeks but we're in for the long game. So lets be satisfied but lets keep our heads down, keep focused and realise that it's a long game so success is not realised way before launch. It's a good start but there's much much much more to go."

To end the interview, we asked Gara what pledges he could make to gamers that the PS4 would remain the console to have in the long term.

"I think the last 20 years shows that we're in it for the long haul! There's more to be revealed around services and what else is going to come with the package you know, when it launches and what more can people expect so we'll go into more detail about that probably around about Gamescom time so we won't go into that today but take it from me, we designed the machine for the long haul."

We went hands-on with the PS4 at London's PlayStation Summer showcase on July 4th. See how we got on:

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