Sky in talks to put Sky Player on other consoles

Sky Player on Xbox - a big success
Sky Player on Xbox - a big success

Sky's director of on-demand Griff Parry has told TechRadar that the company is 'engaged in talks to explore opportunities' with other mainstream consoles, but remains focused on enriching the Sky Player on the Xbox 360.

Sky has never made any secret about being platform agnostic – and recent deals with Freeview set top box manufacturers like FetchTV, Humax and 3View has illustrated this point.

Even at the launch of Sky Player on the Xbox, it was made clear that there was no exclusivity, and Parry told TechRadar that talks were ongoing with the other major players in the console world.

Extend distribution

"We are looking to extend distribution of Sky Player widely via partnerships with key players in key categories," said Parry, when asked about the potential for Sky Player on Wii and PS3.

"Games consoles is obviously one of those key categories, so what you would expect is probably true.

"We are engaged in talks to explore opportunities, but we are very happy in our relationship with Microsoft.

"We are absolutely not finished with Xbox and aim to make the experience richer and richer and continue innovating."

Exciting things ahead

Parry pointed out that he felt that Microsoft was "extremely satisfied" with the way that Sky Player was working on the Xbox, and explained more about enriching the experience.

"Broadly yes," said Parry if this meant extending some of the interactive opportunities.

"But we'll also continue just to improve the basic experience with better quality pictures.

"[The] Xbox Live community is very active and engaged, and this makes it a really interesting environment for rich programmes supporting interactivity.

"We are actively planning exciting things for later this year."

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