Save the date, Ouya backers: your console is shipping March 28

Our you an Ouya backer?

Ouya wants its Kickstarter supporters to get excited, and with good cause. Those who backed the project via the funding site will see their consoles ship on March 28.

"Parts are in the factory and assembly lines are buzzing," the company wrote in a blog post about the announcement, and though the ship date is still a month away, at least it's something firm to hold onto.

Backers, who gifted more than $8 million (around UK£5.2 million, AU$7.8 million) to bring Ouya to life, should see an email in their inboxes with a tracking number and approximate delivery date before long.

Delivery time for the $99 console (no word yet on international pricing) is expected to take a few weeks.

Ouya is still on track to be available widely in June, Ouya confirmed. Over the next few weeks and months the company plans to add new features, refine the user experience, and channel more games, signaling that while the initial shipments aren't the complete version, Ouya is over waiting.

What to play?

There's high hope for Ouya, not least of all are centered around its juicy specs, including a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

And while an initial ship date is a good sign the hardware is there, the folks at Ouya want people to know that games are also lining up nicely for the system.

In the same announcement, we learned that a new, Ouya-exclusive title from Kim Swift and Airtight Games is in the works, though as of now there's no official name for the game yet.

The Ball

Have a ball as you play 'The Ball' on your Ouya

We'll also see a Minority Media "adventure puzzler" that takes full advantage of Ouya's touchpad and buttons simultaneously plus The Ball fromTripwire Interactive arrive sometime in March.

Last but not least, nWay action and role-playing title ChronoBlade is making the jump to Ouya.

The Android-based console is still up for pre-order, so if you're interested in securing your place in line for system, hit up Ouya's website.

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