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Nintendo Wii firmware updated yet again

The Wii is about to overhaul the Xbox 360 as the biggest selling next-gen games console

Nintendo has issued yet another firmware update to its super-selling Wii console . The Wii was updated only last week with new menus and a serious interface tidy-up. But the latest one is much less drastic.

Nintendo says that the update will fix a few annoying problems which have crept up on some consoles since last week. The new patch will prevent the Wii from locking up when you press certain buttons in certain menus.

Some "internet connection stability issues" have also been mended, showing that Nintendo's problem-to-patch response time is pretty hot. Last week's Wii firmware update saw a clock added to the main menu screen, and there's more 'live' internet content available directly through the console's menus.

Wii firmware fixed

The Forecast and News channels now update automatically by downloading regular revisions, saving you the need to check yourself. Address book entries can now be rearranged however you see fit. And the message board now separates game accomplishments from calendar entries.