Nintendo Wii begins to say goodbye, but UK and US sales still in motion

Nintendo Wii begins to say goodbye, but UK and US sales still in motion
U have been the one for me
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It's the beginning of the end for the Wii. Production for the original motion-controlled Nintendo console has ceased in Japan, Nintendo has confirmed.

It looks like Nintendo is closing the door on the past and focusing all its attention on the future, seven years and 100 million unit sales later.

But if you've been really slow at saving the pennies then the good news is that production in the US, UK and Australia is set to continue - at least for the Christmas season.

A Nintendo spokesperson told TechRadar that "no specific time frame has been stated yet" for Europe regarding Wii production. However we expect the end is nigh.

Wii will miss U when you go

Despite the hardcore gamers dismissing its casual appeal, it's difficult to argue that the Wii wasn't a revolution for the gaming market, with Sony and Microsoft soon following up with their own answers to motion-based gaming.

Unfortunately the Wii U isn't having the same impact right now, but here's hoping that it can pick up some pick up some pace as we move into 2014.

Until then, those of you who still haven't picked up a Wii (taking your sweet time there) would be advised to hurry up.

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