Nintendo giving away free games at Wii U UK launch event

Nintendo giving away free games at Wii U UK launch event
Early bird catches the free games

Nintendo has dropped a massive incentive for London-based Wii U fanciers to get in line early when the console launches in the UK next week.

The gaming titan has announced that the first 100 people who show up for the official UK launch event at the flagship HMV store on Oxford Road will be given two free games with the console.

One of the games is, naturally, Super Mario Bros. U. The eager-beavers will be able to pick the other game from a preordained list of titles.

The doors open at 11PM on November 29 - that's next Thursday night - and given that the US has been given preferential treatment on tight supplies, UK gamers will be eager not to miss out.


Beyond the free games, the company is also offering a goodie bag to the first 500 people to pick up the console while the second hundred folks in line will get a fiver off the hardware too.

Obviously, the stunt is geared towards attracting a big, hype-boosting crowd at the launch event, but that won't bother those Nintendo loyalists desperate to get their hands on the new console.

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