Kinect games: 10 titles we want to see

Microsoft Kinect
Microsoft Kinect needs more than cutesy sports games

So Microsoft has announced that Natal is now called Kinect, and it's hoping to get us salivating by promises of a Kinect Star Wars game, a racing game, some cutesy-looking sports games that sound vaguely Nintendo Wii-ish and a few others.

But if Kinect is to truly differentiate itself from the Wii, developers need to come up with games that offer more than the standard wiggling, pointing and waving. In short, developers need to come up with titles that Xbox owners want.

We're worried that the game devs haven't realised this so we've come up with our own list of Best Kinect games ever for real gamers. [trademark possibly pending]


Top 10 Kinect games we want to see.

1. Time Crisis Kinect Edition
Currently a Sony exclusive, so we'd first have to steal the licence for Microsoft. But imagine Time Crisis where you could use the living room sofa as cover. And in two-player games, you could play against your mate in another town, also hiding behind their sofa.

2. Dr Who
A free add-on for Time Crisis Kinect Edition, where you and your mates get judged on who can hide behind the sofa the best.

3. DJ Hero 3
In between mixes, you have to encourage the crowd to dance like you.

4. Kinect Kitteh Football
Instead of childish Wii Miis, Xbox owners want something visceral. So Kinect needs a football game where the ball is replaced with a kitten and the goalposts are on fire. We're pitching this one direct to Rockstar.

5. Virtual Lumberjack
For people who like to leap from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. Virtual Lumberjack 2 will feature zombies.

6. Ninja Massacre
As a Ninja you must flip out and kill as many people as possible.

7. Kinect Phwoar!
So we get more YouTube videos like this.

8. Yoga Instructor
With a hidden game mode called Extreme Contortionist.

9. Still
A multiplayer game over Xbox Live where you and your friends have to remain motionless for as long as possible - no smiling, talking or movements allowed at all. Electric shock attachments are an optional accessory. Free add-on Pet Still lets you bring your cats, dogs and goldfish into the game.

10. Freefall Parachuting
Players lie on the floor with arms and legs outstretched. That's about it for this game.

What else? Share your ideas in the comments.

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