Amazing Alex, Steamy Linux and OUYA's kickstart

Amazing Alex, Steamy Linux and OUYA's kickstart
7DiG looks back on the week's news

This week 7DiG has been mostly considering whether it is worth floating itself on Kickstarter in an attempt to become a bazillionaire, but that hasn't stopped us from grouping together an intrepid band of the best gaming stories of the last seven days.

Let's start with a bit of casual love, and the news that Angry Birds successor Amazing Alex has topped the charts as people look to see if it's as good as Rovio's original smash. Short answer, it's not.

Remember how we took the risk that a new PS3 image might blow your mind a couple of weeks back? Well we're going to do it again with this latest spy shot of a smaller PS3 version. We're a bit confused as to why it looks like it's been made out of corrugated plastic, but ho hum.

The fight rages on about how powerful the Wii U is, with one developer saying it's definitely better than the current Xbox and PS3. And lots of developers saying its not.

In an interesting spot of opinion from PC Plus' Richard Cobbett, he comes to the conclusion that free to play games are the future. "Maybe this won't be the last generation where we expect to buy our software as a matter of course… but it could well be the penultimate one," he says.

Microsoft has invented a phone sword fighting game, but don't expect to see it any time soon.

Linux fans can start to get excited about Valve's Steam coming to a distro near them soon. The company has started a blog tracking the efforts to bring games like L4D2 to a whole new platform.

OUYA sounds a bit like a Black Eyed Peas album, but that hasn't stopped the startup from attracting millions on Kickstarter.

And last but not least, Microsoft's latest financials show that the Xbox business is in rude health – and that's before any official mention of the new Xbox 720.

We leave you, as always, with the cream of the crop from around Future's other gaming sites.


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