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FanVision Legend handheld is gearhead's dream

If you're headed to the track to witness a professional race, you're missing out by not using FanVision. Going forward, the same could said each time you yourself head to the track.

Launching today on Kickstarter is the FanVision Legend, a vastly improved and multifaceted version of the original handheld race scanner. It'll still pull in audio and video feeds on race day at NHRA, IndyCar, and NASCAR venues, but the Legend also ships with an OBD-II adapter to bring some of that excitement to your own vehicle.

FanVision comparison chart

FanVision comparison chart (Image credit: FanVision)

Built atop Android 6.0, the 5-inch device also touts Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an 8MP camera, and a pair of scanner modules that pick up driver-crew audio as well as FanVision's proprietary video streaming on race day. Throw in the OBD-II sensor, however, and the Legend proves useful on those non-race days between Daytona and Homestead.

FanVision Legend at the track

FanVision Legend at the track (Image credit: FanVision)

Because of the Android infrastructure, owners can download connected car apps that can track and manipulate engine performance, analytics, and check engine codes. 

(Image credit: FanVision)

Those looking to get in early can pledge $279 for a May 2017 delivery. For other purchasing options, head over to the company's Kickstarter page.