Exclusive: here’s your first look at the OnePlus Pad, launching alongside the OnePlus 11

An official image of the OnePlus Pad
(Image credit: OnePlus)

The OnePlus 11 is getting its global launch on February 7, but it won’t be alone, because OnePlus has confirmed to TechRadar that the OnePlus Pad will be launching alongside it. Better yet – the company's even shared the first image of the tablet with us, giving you the first official look at the slate.

You can see that picture at the top of this article, with the company’s first tablet coming in a Halo Green shade, which OnePlus claims “blends the vibrancy of life with the vastness of space”. There may be other colors offered too, but this is the only one we’ve been told about.

The design of the OnePlus Pad includes an aluminum alloy body and a cambered frame, which should make it comfortable to hold for extended periods, according to OnePlus.

There’s a single-lens camera jutting out of the rear in a central position, which is apparently an ideal position for taking photos, since it’s more lined up with your own view than it would be on the edge.

You can see that on the front there’s also a single-lens camera, this time built into the bezel above the display, along the top edge.

We don’t have a full view of the OnePlus Pad or any indication of the specs, other than the number of cameras, but from what we can see, it seems this could be quite an attractive slate, and one with a reasonably premium appearance.

The small number of cameras shouldn’t be a problem either, since tablets are few people’s main device for snapping photos or videos.

We’ll learn plenty more about the OnePlus Pad soon, since February 7 is fast approaching, and with most details of the OnePlus 11 already known, this could actually be the more interesting element of the big launch event.

A slightly larger view of the OnePlus Pad (Image credit: OnePlus)

Analysis: a much-needed new entry in the Android tablet market

While a lot of questions remain about the OnePlus Pad, its mere existence is cause for celebration, as currently the Android tablet market is dominated primarily by Samsung at the top end and Amazon lower down.

The OnePlus Pad could perhaps offer a tempting option between those two extremes – depending on the specs and price. Coming from OnePlus, there’s a good chance that it will be competitively priced wherever it sits in the market though, so this could end up making either our best tablets or best cheap tablets list.

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