Does this tease confirm the OnePlus 4 is coming soon?

Update: After speaking to OnePlus about the post, it's been confirmed that this is not a teaser for an upcoming phone, but rather a celebration of Labor Day in China. However, the emoji making the "shhh" motion at the end of the post does suggest the OnePlus CEO has something to hide.

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It’s almost been a year since the launch of the OnePlus 3, which could mean the OnePlus 4 is about to land, and along with leaks and rumors to that effect there’s even now an official teaser, strongly suggesting we’ll see the phone soon.

Shared by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau on Weibo, the image below shows a handful of workers building a phone.

The OnePlus 4 – or OnePlus 5, as it might be called, due to Chinese superstitions around the number 4 – isn’t named in the picture, and no actual details are revealed, yet the fact the image has been shared shows OnePlus is working on a phone of some kind.

Not only that, but it strongly suggests that the handset will be launched soon, since OnePlus is unlikely to bother marketing it a long time before release.

The words accompanying the post roughly translate to "addicted labor without a break, only to have a big surprise", which again doesn't offer us a whole lot of insight into the firm's next flagship phone - apart from OnePlus is working hard on it.

More to come

We wouldn’t be surprised if more teasers are shared before launch, and hopefully they’ll be more revealing than this one, but thanks to leaks we do have some idea of what to expect from the OnePlus 4.

Rumors suggest for example that it will have a 5.3-inch QHD screen, a dual-lens camera, a top-end Snapdragon 835 chipset and 6GB or even 8GB of RAM.

If what we’re hearing proves accurate then the phone could well live up to the company’s ‘Never Settle’ slogan.

Whether the OnePlus 4 can do all that and still undercut the competition remains to be seen, but given that the phone is already being teased we should know soon, possibly in June or July.

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