Dish's AirTV streaming box lacks this key feature at launch

The Dish AirTV set-top box caught our attention during CES 2017 for its ability to merge live over-the-air channels with Sling TV's internet cable service into one 4K-capable Android TV player. 

However, it seems the key all-in-one feature setting the AirTV apart from the crowd is actually unavailable at launch, according to Zatz Not Funny! 

Customers claim that searching over-the-air channels on their AirTV - rather than integrating with the same guide as their Sling TV channels - instead open a separate Live Channels app on their Android TV. 

Some discontented users took to Twitter, in which Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch clarified to one customer that the model demonstrated at this year's CES was using beta software not included in the launch model.

“Knowing that our initial [over-the-air] user interface path would be quickly followed by a more elegant experience, we felt it worth shipping devices with the first gen interface," an AirTV representative told us. 

"Our priority was delivering access to a diversity of content on a single platform. We are confident that we will push the updated user interface to customers in February.” 

To clarify: the AirTV is still capable of showing local channels for those using the over-the-air antenna adapter, but it currently doesn't integrate those channels with the Sling TV guide as demonstrated during its CES reveal - making it not yet the streamlined, all-in-one cable-cutting interface some customers were hoping for.

For those who'd rather not wait until February, AirTV states in its FAQ that anyone unsatisfied with their device can still return it for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Parker Wilhelm
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