The super smooth act of dimming the lights with your phone is now affordable

Dimming the lights with your smartphone just got affordable with GE link bulbs
The Link range goes on sale this autumn

U.S. electronics giant General Electric has announced the first truly affordable connected home light bulb range, which will go on sale this autumn.

The sub-$15 (about £9, AU$16) GE Link light bulbs will allow users to use their home Wi-Fi connection to control lighting from the comfort of their favourite easy chair to anywhere in the world using the Wink app.

Users will be able to set moods by dimming the lights with a quick toggle on the app, or save money if they realise they may have left lights on after they've left the house.

Smart light bulbs are, of course, nothing new, but the affordability of the new GE Link options may sway homeowners into adopting them for the first time.

Connected egg trays

The Link bulb is built in collaboration with Quirky, which has also helped GE bring connected egg trays, power strips and air conditioners to market.

The Wink app will be available Stateside. from July 7 and will also help users control GE's smart air conditioner, the Aros.

Customers in the U.S. will be able to buy the Link bulbs from the Home Depot this autumn. There's no news on whether GE plans to launch the product in other territories.


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