Nest thermostat coming to the UK this year?

Nest thermostat coming to the UK this year?
Nest on its way to the UK?

The Nest home thermostat, created by iPod godfather Tony Fadell, will launch in the UK this year, the company is reported to have said.

During a chat with Pocket-Lint at the CES Digital Experience event in Las Vegas, a representative apparently revealed that the company has pledged to launch in Blighty sometime during 2013.

The smart and attractive thermostat takes notes each time you turn the dial up or down in order to build detailed schedule based around your temperature preferences.

You can also set timers for limited periods of time and control the thermostat via a mobile app, saving energy if you forget to alter the temperature before leaving the house.

Why isn't it here already?

So if this award-winning piece of home gadgetry, which has been a revelation since its initial arriva in the US in late 2011, is so amazing, then why hasn't it launched in the UK yet?

Well, as the representative explained at CES, US air conditioning systems operate on 24 volts, whereas ours do not, so it'll take some time to figure out the means of integration in the UK.

Also, as us Brits don't necessarily do centralised air conditioning units in our freezing cold homes (just roaring fires and 'up' buttons on the central heating unit), some changes may need to be made to the functionality.

You can learn more about the Nest thermostat and its energy-saving merits in the video below.

Via Pocket-Lint

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